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GetGlue fans! Meet tvtag.

You may have gone to open up GetGlue today and noticed that the app icon looks different – as in red, instead of blue and a TV shape instead of a glue bottle.

Our team is excited to share tvtag, the new look, feel, and direction of GetGlue. We’ve been hard at work to launch the tvtag app, a new experience that allows you to check in, unlock digital stickers, comment, doodle, and react to TV moments with other fans while watching your favorite shows. tvtag is now available for iPhone, with versions for Android and web coming soon. To learn more about what the new tvtag app has to offer, read on. Or if you want to skip all the words and just jump right in, download tvtag for iOS now.

1. TV moments are more fun with others

For every moment of a TV show, tvtag gives you a “digital water cooler” — a place for you and others to react what you’re watching. With tvtag, you can vote in polls, comment, and even caption or doodle on an actual moment from the show to then share with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Get answers to questions about your favorite shows

Ever wondered what that-one-actor’s name is on The Walking Dead? Want to know where ABC’s Scandal is filmed? Have you wondered where Kaley Cuoco was born? With tvtag, answers are right at your fingertips: cast info, show trivia, and real-time trending searches from other tvtag users. And better yet, you never have to leave the app to find your answers!

3. tvtag is the ultimate TV watching companion for sports fans

With the Super Bowl and March Madness right around the corner, tvtag offers more ways to experience that buzzer-beater and winning touchdown. In addition to play-by-play TV moments, tvtag provides live stats, play descriptions, and field positions that update in real time.

Enough talking — go download tvtag for iPhone and tell us what you think!

Stay tuned for future updates to tvtag coming soon.

See you in tvtag!

– the tvtag team

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