GetGlue Partners with Arktan

by maya on November 15, 2011 · Comments

GetGlue is partnering with Arktan to allow to include GetGlue check-ins and conversations in real-time within Arktan’s Social TV streams.  Arktan’s Social TV streams surface content and conversation in real-time from Social Web sources including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and now GetGlue.  TV Networks and other media partners leverage these consolidated streams to provide users deep and relevant conversations around specific shows and topics.

GetGlue checkins and conversation are already live on the Arktan enabled Social TV stream for the TV show “Suits” on USA Networks’s Character Chatter.


The GetGlue support is available in the Arktan dashboard allowing plug and play integration of GetGlue checkins and conversation in Social streams.


For more information on the integration head on over to the Arktan Blog.

Now go get chatty!

*Arktan works with media companies and brands to enable them to turn websites into centers of Social Web driven real-time interaction and conversation.

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