GetGlue Scores Stickers for Fringe!

by kimber on November 11, 2010 · Comments

Now in its third season, FOX’s Fringe fills the void left by Lost and The X-Files with its smart sci-fi-driven drama that sticks in your head long after the hour’s over. It’s an easy show to obsess over, and now fans have one more way to express their devotion: exclusive stickers from FOX on GetGlue. Users can check-in to the show via our apps or our website to earn the stickers below.


The third season of Fringe centers on the division between our universe and a parallel one, populated by different versions of the characters viewers have come to love. Of course, there are stickers for Olivia (Anna Torv) and Walter (John Noble), but our sticker set wouldn’t be complete without Faux-livia and Walternate. In addition to earning stickers for watching and checking-in to Fringe through our apps or our website, you can also earn bonus stickers with clues we’ll provide on our stickers.

If you aren’t a Fringe fan (yet), new viewers can catch up with Fringe 101. Though the team behind the show created another mindbender with Lost, Fringe doesn’t require viewing from minute one like its predecessor. However, if you start watching, we think it’ll be hard not to want to seek out every episode you’ve missed.

Don’t risk being ambered: check-in with GetGlue to earn these cool stickers and see who else is as addicted as you are. As always, be sure to follow @GetGlue on Twitter for all the latest from us.

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