GetGlue Partners with PBS for Election Night Stickers

by kimber on November 2, 2010 · Comments

PBS is well known for their unbiased, intelligent approach to news and politics,and that’s never been more necessary than in the heated 2010 midterm elections. We’re excited to extend our partnership with PBS for a special set of limited-time-only stickers for tonight’s election coverage.

Whether you vote Republican, Democrat, independent, or something else entirely, PBS NewsHour and its lauded team will have the midterm elections covered both online and on TV. At 10 p.m. Eastern, viewers can tune-in exclusively online for updates on how the nation’s races are looking, and when the clock hits 11:00, coverage can also be seen through your local PBS station.  If you check-in to NewsHour via our apps or our website, you can earn these stickers.

Don’t forget to go to the polls today, and remember to check-in to the PBS NewsHour election coverage throughout the evening to earn your stickers. Only die-hard Beltway followers can earn the second sticker, so make sure you stay up late (and check-in) for all the latest news.

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