Introduction to Stickers

by Fraser on November 12, 2009 · Comments

There has been a lot of buzz about stickers since the launch. This is fantastic and we’re glad that people are enjoying the dynamic of stickers in Glue.

Within Glue stickers are fun and special. As you do certain things on and via the Glue add-on you will earn stickers that help reveal your personality, highlight your tastes and reward your activity in Glue.

There are basic stickers, the kind that reward simple activity and are easy to get. There are also advanced stickers, which take time to earn and reward bigger achievements (some have yet to be discovered!).

We’re going to use the blog to tell you more about stickers and introduce you to new ones as time goes by. Subscribe today and ensure that you stay up-to-date!

The Bootcamp Sticker

The Bootcamp sticker rewards people forĀ  doing the training required to become familiar with, and get the most from, Glue.

To earn Bootcamp a user must unlock their personalized stream of suggestions, find friends on Glue, and add the browser add-on.

Have you earned Bootcamp yet? If not, better get back to basic training!

Stay tuned for insight on other stickers. Also, let us know what you think about stickers. Do you have any ideas for a new sticker?

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