Every. Simpsons. Ever. Plus a Sweepstakes from FXX

by kimber on August 21, 2014 · Comments

The Simpsons

Man has accomplished many achievements in its history: fire, landing on the moon, curing polio, etc. Now we have a new goal to aspire to: watching every episode of The Simpsons ever (and winning a giant sticker). With FXX and FXNOW, fans will have access to all 552 episodes of the series, beginning with FXX’s marathon of every single episode, starting at 10am on Thursday, August 21, and running for 12 days. We also have 10 milestone custom drawn stickers from The Simpsons. Everything’s coming up Millhouse for tvtag users.

Check out the schedule here, and be sure to check in with tvtag for every episode you watch. You can share in the fun with other fans, but it’s okay to be selfish, too. Each check-in during the marathon gets you one step closer to a chance to win one of 21 giant stickers. Here are more details on the sweepstakes.

  • Unlocking the first check-in milestone sticker automatically enters you to be one of five people to win that particular 24” sticker.
  • Unlocking additional milestone stickers (25, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 552 check-ins, plus the movie) enters you to be one of two  people to win that particular 24” sticker.
  • If you collect ALL milestone stickers (you crazy fan, you), you are only eligible to win one sticker. We will reward you for your obsession (and lack of sleep), but only so much.

For full contest rules, see here.

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