Calling on GetGlue fans in UK, Canada and Australia!

by annie on February 13, 2013 · Comments

As your go-to market for Social TV, GetGlue not only maintains a massive database of U.S. shows, present and past, to which you can check-in for stickers, prizes, and to discuss many plot surprises. GetGlue also has scoured the globe (and continues to hunt) to collect thousands of television shows from around the planet. As well, we now ship stickers internationally!

The penguin on your telly will explode (it was a lucky guess) for the United Kingdom’s grand tradition of classic programmes.  Use GetGlue to check-in to long-running police dramas like Midsomer Murders, brand new period pieces such as Mr. Selfridge, starring Jeremy Piven, popular reality shows including Strictly Come Dancing, or long running soaps like EastEnders.

Canada’s your game, eh? From stirring thriller Bomb Girls to the humor of Republic of Doyle, from soul-tugging ranchhand drama Heartland to the fierce competition of reality show Dragons Den, GetGlue has a hearty helping of television from the True North on which to chime in, and we are always scanning the tundra for more.

Or perhaps it’s shows from the land Down Under which have you grinning like a shot fox. While you’re vegging out, check-in to the family goodness of Packed To The Rafters or the celebrity comedy of Lowdown. You can opine on the coming-of-age drama of Puberty Blues or what happened on the long-running, hard-hitting news program Four Corners.

Perhaps you fancy a romp through the past? GetGlue’s archives also include classics from Fawlty Towers to Slings & Arrows to Full Frontal (which introduced future-Hulk Eric Bana). Did you search for one of your favorite titles from the UK, Canada, or Australia (or other parts of the world) and come up empty, please email and let us know what other shows you’d love to see in GetGlue HD, and we’ll add them with all due speed…and keep checking-in.

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