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by Laura on February 6, 2013 · Comments

Hello! I am Laura Giaimo, Business Development Associate at GetGlue. I have been with GetGlue for over 4 years starting as a Community Manager (Glue Genie anyone?). In 2009 I joined a team of 10 people and a rockin’ browser add-on. It has been a blast growing with the company these past few years and seeing all the things this awesome team can accomplish. Today I had a unique experience of being the Blogger of the Day for Anderson Live.

This morning, a car service pick me up at my apartment and bring me to the studio. Once I arrived, I was shown to my dressing room (!), and quickly whisked into hair and make-up. The team was great, and in no time I was all dolled up. After being mic’d, I was ushered into the studio where the audience was already seated. I was introduced as the Blogger of the Day, and got to talk about GetGlue. Dena Blizzard did a great job entertaining the crowd before the show and during commercial breaks. She was absolutely hilarious, and had audience members participate in dance contests. It was a lot of fun! I had my computer ready to start tweeting from the GetGlue Twitter account.


Today’s guest host was Stacy London, who has co-hosted with Anderson before. They have a great rapport and make a nice team. An array of topics were covered including; hidden retail tricks, Stacy meeting her New Yorker admirer, and Leo the Pig finding a home! Today’s guests were Allison Williams (from ‘Girls‘) and app wizards Max Colbert and Matt Dillabough.

Stacy tweeted on Tuesday that there was a personal ad in New York Magazine looking for a “Stacy London- type women”. I had seen the tweet and found out the man sitting next to me in hair and make-up was him! It turns out that the staff of Anderson Live tracked down the admirer, unbeknownst to Stacy herself. It was a very sweet moment when they introduced her to him on the show! Maybe there will be a love connection!

Allison Williams from HBO’s hit show ‘Girls’ is absolutely stunning! Anderson was very excited he couldn’t contain his love for Allison and ‘Girls.’ Allison is the ambassador for Simple Skincare. She also discussed watching ‘Girls’ with her whole family, including her father, famous news anchor Brian Williams (yikes).


It turns out Anderson is not tech savvy at all, and doesn’t have any apps on his phone (the GetGlue staff collectively shutters). Two middle school students, Max Colbert and Matt Dillabough, started a company called Menlo App Academy to help other students learn about technology. Max and Matt taught Anderson how to add his very first app (the Flashlight app), and Anderson’s biggest concerns were how much it costs, and how the heck do you pay for it!? Max and Matt also surprised Anderson with a special “Anderson App” which targets people with bare feet, and shoots socks on them.

If you check-in to GetGlue today you get a special Blogger for the Day sticker! I had the pleasure of taking a picture with the Silver Fox himself! The whole experience was amazing. Everyone I met on set was so friendly and upbeat. I am very  excited I had the opportunity and I would love to do it again!


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