GetGlue’s Guide to The Big Game

by maya on February 1, 2013 · Comments


Already wearing your team’s colors and planning your menu for this Sunday?  We want to help you get ready for The Big Game. This cheat sheet is your ultimate guide to our stickers for the biggest TV event of the year!

Before the Game

Hulu AdZone Coming Soon: The game starts this Sunday at 6:30 ET, but don’t wait for kickoff. Start the count down now and check-in to the ads.

Super Bowl XLVII Pepsi Halftime Show Coming Soon: Wanna dance along with Beyoncé? Start warming up and check-in before the game.

Game Day: Sunday February 3rd

Game Day: Check-in to the game before kickoff and earn an awesome sticker and a month of Hulu Plus!

Hulu AdZone: You wait all year for the commercials. Check-in to the ads for this sticker and one free month of Hulu Plus!

Super Bowl XLVII: Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30pm ET/3:30 pm PT, so be sure to check-in as soon as the ball is in play.

Super Bowl XLVII Pepsi Halftime Show: Love Beyoncé? Check-in to during halftime and run the world with Miss B!

4th Quarter: Check-in during the 4th quarter and you’ll be a winner by earning this sticker and a free month of Hulu Plus.

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