10 DAYS of Summer!

by annie on July 30, 2012 · Comments

That was some cliff hanger on Days of Our Lives! Unfortunately you have to wait 10 days while Days is pre-empted for the 2012 Olympics, but luckily GetGlue will keep you occupied for an epic 10 Days of Summer!

For each of the 10 days Days of Our Lives is off the air, you will be able to chat live with some of your fave cast members. Sign into GetGlue every weekday from July 30- Aug 10 at 11am PST/ 2pm ET for a 30 min Q&A session. You will also be able to see daily videos from each cast member you chat with, and learn a little extra insider info on what is to come when Days of Our Lives returns.

Don’t forget to chat & check-in each day to earn daily stickers! Be sure to collect them all┬ábecause┬áthere is an Uber sticker waiting at the end of the 10 Days of Summer- but you must check-in every day in order to earn it!


Cast participation is subject to change.

Days of Our Lives will return to its regular schedule on Monday August 13th on NBC. Continue to check-in with GetGlue to earn exclusive stickers.
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